Albert was at Hong Kong Bookfair 2017

July 19, 2017

Albert was warm received at the Hong Kong Bookfair with thousands of children and parents playing happily with Albert. The event gathered a lot of interest from schools as well. Please look out for Albert coming to your school or learning centers around your area. 

Albert Traveled to Barcelona, Spain

February 19, 2017

Albert played with children from Spain during a week of fun and learn event. Students were excited to play with Albert with different challenging games such as soccer, maze running, etc. We are glad Albert continues to bring fun and learn to the children of the world.

Albert Visited a Primary School in Hong Kong

November 27, 2016

Albert showed it's power at a primary school. All the P2 students never tried robotic coding before. With the great instruction from the school teacher, students were able to work with Albert to develop some foundation computational thinking skills. Good job students and Albert!

Albert Visited InnoCarnival 2016 at the Science Park

October 17, 2016

To promote the lasted technology for education in STEM, Albert was invited to participate in the InnoCarnival. Young children were excited on how Albert can help teach them the foundation coding skills. Through various missions, children worked with Albert to tackle the problems using stack codes. Overall a very fun event for the children, parents and teachers to get to know Albert.

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